10 Brand Trends to Prepare You for 2016’s Arrival

It’s said that a new year provides marketers and brands a chance for new resolutions and new beginnings. But if you want to do something new, you have to stop doing something old. These 10 critical trends will become leading marketing realities in 2016,  providing brands with an opportunity to break habits, embrace new methods Read more


The B2B Branding Roundtable: From the Land Where “Brand” Was a Dirty Word

B2B, or business-to-business, branding and marketing once went by the decidedly unsexy moniker of “industrial marketing.”  It was a hard-nosed business of products sold on features and price, with marketers often relegated to a sales support role and “brand” considered an indulgent and irrelevant nicety better suited to B2C. No more. Today, B2B often attracts Read more


The Freelancer: Stats, Perks and Tools

An Infographic from the Webex blog says being able to work from home affects employee retention by 95 percent. With that many employees wanting greater flexibility over their time, more and more businesses are finding out that it pays to put in place incentive programs that do more than hand out the next monetary bonus. Read more


3 Experts Answer 10 Key Questions About Destination Branding

According to a recent DMAI survey, effective branding is ranked among the top success factors for marketing a destination. In Branding Roundtable #15 we go beyond the survey numbers, talking in depth to three leading practitioners of the combined science and art of branding a place: Deana Ivey, Chief Marketing Officer at Nashville Convention & Visitors Read more


Brand Innovation: Facts vs. Fables #2

Innovation is never easy – witness the results of the most recent Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report, which states that, of the 3,522 new products launched in 2013, only 12 achieved the distinctiveness, relevance, and revenue that mark a real breakthrough. Unfortunately, many brand organizations seem to think that a difficult challenge requires a difficult process. Read more


Infographic: Brands Play a More Significant Role in Smaller vs. Larger Purchases

It’s inherently obvious that consumer behaviors differ for large purchases (think over $1000) versus small purchases (less than $10), but have you thought about how they manifest specifically? Our friends from SapientNitro have analyzed consumer purchasing behaviors from pre-purchase to purchase to post-purchase through a recent online survey. They’ve condensed it into a nice little infographic that Read more


What Could George Jetson Teach Us about the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity?

One of the most interesting things about brand communications is how it continuously evolves. In the early days of the “Ad” business, the revered role of original thought and expression was strictly reserved for “creatives.” Copywriters and art directors were the ones exclusively entitled to wear the “badge” or claim to be “the goods” behind Read more


Luxury Ads? Think Again — Loews Hotel Uses Instagram Photos Instead of Professional Ones

Loews Hotel and Resorts recently took a user-generated approach to advertising. With the help of Catch Agency, they released several eye-catching ads using the photos of authentic travelers who actually stayed in one of twenty-two Loews Hotels and Resorts. The plan was to find photos taken at one of their properties and add them as they Read more


Design Students Turn KLM’s Business Class into A Series of Travel Products

As a part of its business class interior overhaul, Dutch air company KLM invited students from the Design Academy Eindhoven to re-purpose old materials and create new travel items. With help from agency DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, the airline came up with the project “Plane to Product” and it yielded some interesting results. KLM took Read more


Brand Innovation: Facts vs. Fables #1

We interviewed several brand innovation firms for Branding Roundtable #12,  and during that process gravitytank mentioned having created a storybook series of lessons on innovation as a gift for clients – so we challenged them to turn it into a more widely accessible resource. They responded by bringing the previously limited-edition, print-only stories to life in fun, instructive Read more