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Marketers, Finding Your Perfect Agency Can’t Be Automated

From and OkCupid to Hinge and Tinder, online and mobile applications are taking the dating world by storm, however, the algorithm-driven processes used by these sites don’t work for finding agency relationships. Data-centric tools such as Sortlist claim to help marketers find their “soul mate” agency, much like what promises to do for Read more


NBC Rio 2016 Logo Revealed

There is just a little over 450 days until the Summer 2015 Olympic Games, but the wait for NBC’s Rio 2016 logo is over. The logo, created by NYC based Trollbäck + Company, has morphed NBC’s iconic shield used in previous years and added the colors of the Brazilian flag which were then mixed together with the Read more


Barley the Billboard Dog Will Win Your Heart

Visitors of the Westfield Stratford City shopping mall in East London were part of one of the most unique digital campaigns ever. The #LookingForYou campaign was launched this week by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, a U.K. animal shelter, and it uses interactive technology to raise awareness of their cause. Volunteers of this animal shelter Read more


How to Properly Raise Awareness about Colon Cancer

Having colon or rectal cancer is really a sensitive topic for most people. Usually avoided and uncomfortable to talk about, it is currently the second deadliest cancer in America, according to the American Cancer Society, so it shouldn’t be a taboo! Fortunately, there are those who do their best to attract people’s attention and they are Read more


The 56 Original Ingredients in Jägermeister

It takes 56 parts, 3 great artists and one creative idea to make a campaign that both people within the advertising industry and the consumers will talk about–or at least, so is the case with the new Jägermeister campaign for the US market, called “56 Parts. Best as One.” NYC-based Deutsch agency gathered artists Olivia Read more


Coca-Cola’s New Campaign Will Put a :D On Your Face

Smiley-faces are at the center of Coke’s latest Emoticoke ad campaign. Devised by DDB Puerto Rico, the brand has registered URLs made up entirely of emojis. Whether they’re grinning, crying tears of joy, or cheekily sticking their tongues out, typing in any of them in a mobile web browser followed by ‘.ws’ leads to a special landing Read more


Is Lifting Humans Too Heavy for CrossFitters? I Don’t Think So.

Can you imagine more effective workout than to help others while exercising? Or to exercise while helping strangers? This is exactly what Reebok, and a group of enthusiastic CrossFitters did when Stockholm’s subway went out of order. Last week, when the escalators in Swedish capital got stuck, people were in a real trouble — climbing Read more


8 Key Questions in Financial Branding: Roundtable #09

If, to any degree at all, the statement “a brand is a promise” rings true with you, then you’ll know why financial brands have been is such a predicament of late. Few sectors have suffered the self-inflicted wounds of broken promises more than has the financial services realm. That’s why, in this edition of The Read more


This Cheeky Beer Can Strips When Chilled

Cheeky and functional? Do those two even go together? Agency WMcCann managed to design a can for Conti Bier that indicates when it’s chilled to perfection. Obviously targeted to the male population, the indicator is a pinup girl whose dress fades when it’s the right temperature. Somehow, you’d think that hotter temperatures make a girl strip Read more


Why Fickle Clients Are More Profitable In the Long Run

Everyone wants to be the quarterback — the agency that signs a client and is ushered right into the C-suite to serve as the backbone of the client’s marketing strategy. Your agency loves clients like these because they value the same thing you do: the work. They expect you to be the workhorse of their Read more