Instead of Using Cash, Pay with a Kiss!

Metro St. James Cafe in Sidney, Australia, decided to lose a little bit of money in exchange for inspiring romance. They figured it is summertime and nobody wants to be alone! Hence, the result:  Free coffee for those that smooch between 9 and 11 AM every day during the month of June. However, there is a Read more


Pepsi Trades “Likes” for Cans

The Facebook “like” fever is very convenient for advertising campaigns because not only is social media taking over, but it is also creating a free advertising market within itself. With regards to this, Pepsi‘s latest campaign requires you to “like” the brand on Facebook in order to be rewarded with free pop on the spot. Read more


Setting the Bar High with Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records are undoubtedly the measurement of success and dedication. If you are on the hunt for achievement, then you probably wish to set the highest of goals–none of which can reach a more recognizable level than that which is represented by this particular brand. This is the reason why Guinness World Records introduced a Read more


How does Gillette’s man of steel shave?

In expectations of the new Superman Man of Steel movie, Gillette called upon a new campaign to solve the mysterious question: How does the man of steel shave? You would think Gillette would mention the name of their brand at every possible moment, but instead the brand only runs its logo at the end of Read more

Ryanair Creative Case Study: With Prices This Low, Shut the *Beep* Up

Ryanair Creative Case Study: With Prices This Low, Shut the *Beep* Up

It is common nowadays to see companies sponsor case study communication events in order to obtain ideas for their strategic advertising campaigns. The CLIO Awards definitely represent one of such cases; these awards encourage young minds to take a step further in their creativity and critical thought within different fields, among which marketing, design and brand entertainment are Read more

Beardvertising: The Era of Beard Advertising has Begun

Beardvertising: The Era of Beard Advertising has Begun

The best way to do cheep content marketing is to give people free t-shirts because they are walking billboards. Funny design and an underlying message would always catch ones attention and there are numerous examples of companies trying this method to launch a campaign that is attached to it. However, you have never seen anybody Read more


Y&R Revives Wacky Races for Peugeot’s Latest Campaign in Brazil

There is something about creativity of the French car manufacturers that makes them so unique that they stick out like a sore thumb. Specifically, the Peugeot brand is recognized all over the world because it always finds a way to a specific customer. Furthermore, that is why Peugeot drivers rarely switch a brand; because it Read more


Heineken’s Zagorka Brand Promotes “A taste less ordinary”

Heineken has once again showed its dedication to its smaller branch brands, this time with its Bulgarian beer, Zagorka. Accompanied and followed through by BBH London, Zagorka offers insight on Heineken’s focus is in Bulgaria:  Breaking the stereotypes of local media with a special focus on a niche demographic. It was only months ago that Read more


Apple + VW = iBeetle

Volkswagen recently introduced a new, creative vehicle already well-known to the public as iBeetle. The Shanghai Auto Show was the first venue to host the vehicle, allowing spectators to see the car with the infamous iPhone docking station. VW will offer two ways that one can incorporate their phone to the vehicle via interface: iPhone app or Read more


Playboy Creates an iPhone App

It happened. Playboy found a very slick way to make apps for iPhones, even though it bans nudity. Its new app features news from Playboy’s everyday happenings including clothes, food, cars and girls. Pretty fly for a bunny guy, I have to admit. Scott Flanders, CEO of Playboy Enterprises notes that they have rebuilt Playboy for iPhone Read more