Altering Your Brand’s Visual Identity: Is There Ever a Good Time?

The apple with a bite, the golden arches and one and half glasses of milk are all brand signifiers that we can immediately identify without having to utter the name of the company they belong to. A brand’s visual identity (VI) is just the tip of the iceberg, but an important point of recognition for Read more


The Role of the Logo in the Third Age of Branding

Branding has come a long way since its humble beginnings. I won’t attempt to put a date on said humble beginnings, for branding dates back thousands of years. It’s even said that evidence of advertising has been found amongst the Babylonians in 3,000 BC. When branding began is irrelevant now, in any case. What’s really Read more


Brand Design: A Colour Commentary

Why is the McDonald’s logo yellow and IBM’s logo blue? Is Starbucks’ famous green linked to its sustainable credentials? Why is Coca-Cola red when its product is dark black? And why did Microsoft choose to feature all four of these hues in it’s now iconic Windows logo? Omnipresent and discreetly influential, distinct colours impact our Read more

Debranding: Passing Fad or the Next Great Marketing Ploy?

Debranding: Passing Fad or the Next Great Marketing Ploy?

There’s a hot new branding trend on everyone’s lips this summer. Ever since Coca-Cola decided to replace its own brand name with various consumers’ names, we’ve been on a nationwide scavenger hunt across supermarkets and newsagents in search of a Dan, Lauren or Katy (with a y and not an ie). And let’s be honest, Read more


Watch as Consumers Throw Back Corporate Curtains

Recently I spoke of how we’ve entered a third age of branding, a phrase on the lips of many marketers as the roles played by consumer and brand continue to change and evolve. One of the new imperatives I spoke about was the need for brands to discover, or rediscover, why they exist and what Read more


Entering the Third Age of Branding

Today, we are living and working in what many are deeming a third age of branding; one defined not by how a brand carries itself through external communications, but by how people experience the brands around them. It’s an age shaped and formed by the ever advancing and emerging influence of technology, along with the Read more