Ten Interviewing and Negotiation Tips for Creatives

You’re a creative professional, a photographer, designer, web coder, event producer, etc., and you’ve spent your career developing your creative skills. But, if you’re like me, and thousands of other creatives, you are a terrible negotiator. We creatives love doing the work and we know its value. But when it comes to asking for money Read more

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Negotiation: Never through Email, Except…

Meg, and many others, had been let go by Design Reach after a series of client losses. She’d moved cross country to Portland and taken the position of Creative Director with a nonprofit magazine focused on the homeless and the education and mental health issues of the city’s street people. The money was terrible, but Read more

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Negotiations: Raw Fear Rules

Every rung up the business ladder produces additional anxiety. At first I thought, “I can handle this,” but as I gained height I began to feel weak. Not good, but a feeling I know too well. The instructor placed the trapeze in my right hand: “God, it’s weighted. Of course, that’s why they swing so Read more


9 Steps to Closing for Creatives

The secret to understanding what’s going on when negotiating a project engagement is to simply take control. These nine steps provide a formula for getting control and starting on the path to getting the deal you need to succeed. Step 1. Establish your expertise What are you known for? What keeps you working all hours Read more


A Formula for Successful Negotiations

Creatives are very sensitive to their feelings and to the feelings of others. We use our feelings to connect to people through our work. We’ve learned that if our work feels right, it is right. We’re constantly adjusting to assure ourselves that our work is achieving what we’re looking for. This is never really done; Read more


Ask Ted: Is My Price Too High?

Chuck had submitted a proposal and, aside from acknowledgement that it was received, had heard nothing from his client contact, Robert. Chuck asked, “Ted, I’m worried that my price was too high or that they’ve found someone else to do the work. Also, I don’t know if they’ll need me to do five interviews or twenty. Read more


Ask Ted: So What Happened? Did She Get the Job?

As the song says, “You can’t always get what you want.” Last month, Cora and I drafted a script for her to follow in her salary negotiations with a boutique brand consultancy. She wanted the position because they did exactly the kind of work she wanted to do. They were highly acclaimed and their clients Read more


Ask Ted: Framing the Interview

Hi Ted, I recently interviewed for an internship at a small design studio that works with large brands. I heard about the opportunity through a recent grad friend and emailed the owner directly about the position. The interview was very informal. He was impressed with my work and said so several times. The whole thing Read more


Interview Advice for Millennials

Don’’t chew gum. Don’’t bring your own coffee. Be on time. Those are easy. Here’’s the hard stuff. Don’’t talk too much. Maintain your attention. Be relaxed. What’’s the difference? It’’s simple: we really don’t need to be told to be on time, sans coffee and gum. But, it’’s really hard to be relaxed when Read more


When Logic & Emotion Sit at the Negotiation Table

Logic is great for analyzing what went wrong after the event. But it’s not so great for creative and emotional moment-to-moment decision-making. When you’re in the heat of it all, logic is hard to hang on to. Understanding how to move from being dominated by your emotions back to your logical side is critical to Read more