Adaptive Advertising: La Redoute Innovates a New Product Experience

Have you wondered what it would be like if traditional ads adapted to the very nature they were placed? Walk the streets of Paris and this nuance is coming to life. French fashion and mail order brand La Redoute has been running a very unique display campaign that adapts to weather. Fashion is marketed in Read more


A Few Tips on Targeting Generation Z

There is an emerging group of digital influencers that brands can’t afford to ignore. Gen Z represents those born between the early 90’s and mid 2000’s. This group is next after millennials and grew up more digitally connected than any other generation. The behavioral differences between Gen Z and other groups are evident in their Read more


4 Types of Killer Content to Boost Brand Engagement

The strategy of producing engaging brand content is quickly overtaking the traditional means of brand advertising. Adding depth to the brand experience with interactive content can greatly increase top of mind awareness. This year we have seen brands such as Old Spice, Dove and Ford produce viral videos showcasing products while entertaining social media influencers. Read more


Forever 21 Purveys a Young and Sexy Brand with Sky Ferreira

In 2012, we saw H&M use emerging female artist Lana Del Rey as their poster girl and brand symbol. Gen Y brand Forever 21 has taken a similar strategy in using LA-based pop-singer and model Sky Ferreira. This was a brilliant move in light of Sky’s Web-based stardom. The up and coming singer/model is known Read more


Adidas Promotes Adicolor Brand with an Interactive Game Featuring Rapper 2 Chainz

Adidas has partnered with Champs Sports to promote the classic-style line branded Adicolor with an interactive game. The game is designed with a retro 90s influence. Atlanta-based rapper 2 Chainz is the protagonist of the game. “At the introduction of the game 2 Chainz is playing basketball when his chains mysteriously get stolen off his neck. Aliens? Read more


Democratic Party Amplifies Brand Influence with Two Historic Speeches

One of the best ways to amplify brand influence is by presenting great ideas on a national platform. Nationally televised events are now much more powerful in terms of reach and viral spread with the help of social media. The recent Democratic National Convention presented the perfect storm. Two of the most influential thought leaders Read more


Building Brand Trust With Millennials

The economic and social impact of Millennial (Gen Y) purchasing power has been monumental in the past decade. Many companies are now required to consider this group first when forming brand creative and communications strategies. What is a Millennial? Consumers born from 1977-1994 fall into this buyer category. They are making a huge impact on Read more


10 Killer Brands on Instagram

Instagram has made a huge impact on the social Web in 2012. Its hybrid integration capabilities with both Facebook and Twitter make it perfect for visual brand engagement. Some major brands have been early to adopt this digital marketing platform, giving them an extension to their social reach and facilitating customer relationships through the use Read more