Discovering Your Brand’s “Right Place” in This World

Discovering Your Brand’s “Right Place” in This World

In a world in which brands are challenged on many fronts, there is constant quest for new thinking that can make brands more valuable to, and valued by, their diverse constituents. I would like to present a new way to think about the way businesses build brands. I will start by exploring why we humans Read more


The Horizontal Problem in the Vertical Business World

Usually when we think about business problems, we think vertically. Why? Because we tend to organize business in silos. For example, if sales numbers are lagging, then you check the sales silo. When product quality is suffering, you research the manufacturing silo. If employee productivity is down, then you engage the HR silo. When customer Read more


Imagine Your Brand’s Ideal Future-state; Now Get to Work Creating It

Look ahead and dream about what would make your brand a kick-ass success. Now start planning for it. What if you could turn the clock back 5 years? Thinking about the state of your brand and business today, what would you have done to make your brand either stronger today, or more fit for the Read more