The Myth of the Brand Genius

Today, we live in a world defined more by Google than General Motors. We are in a period of human history characterized by a shift away from an industrial mindset to a much more complex, connected, and value-driven mindset. We are, undoubtedly, post-industrial. The end of the Industrial Age has shifted power to the consumer. Read more


Top New Year’s Resolutions for Brands

Resolutions abound this time of year. Do a quick Google search for “New Year’s Resolution” and you’ll find lists upon lists packed full with headlines like, “Top Ten Resolutions For Women on the Run,” “7 New Year Resolutions That Take 5 Seconds or Less!” or, my personal favorite, the “New Years Resolution Generator.” (I used Read more


In Light of Typhoon Haiyan: Branding For Good, Not Margins

The tragedy unfolding in the Philippines right now gives us good reason to take a break from talking about brand strategy, theory or application. Instead, we should focus our thoughts around a central idea – our shared humanity. It’s true that our world is more interconnected and globally aware now than ever before in human Read more


Entering the Participation Age of Branding

The tectonic plates that underpin our marketplace are in the midst of a large shift…and brands should be paying attention. As the Millennial Generation quickly becomes the primary force in consumer spending, our marketplace is shifting from a transaction based economy to a participation based economy. The primary thought-currency no longer has a commoditized value, but Read more


The “Personal Brand” Myth

I was asked recently to do a workshop at a local college on branding. I agreed with the intention of talking about branding as a meta-concept. Little did I know that the talk was pre-titled as a part of a larger ongoing series…and the title of the talk I was booked to do was “Creating Read more


A Working Definition of Brand

The term brand has become increasingly popular and progressively misunderstood over the past few years. Throughout this time, I’ve read numerous books, articles and thoughts about what a brand is. Some have been enlightening, some have been confusing and other have just missed the boat completely. In the interest of clarity and in the hopes of Read more


Breaking Brand: Iterating Your Brand’s Emotional Value

Your brand is a living organism. Like all living things, your brand requires an ecosystem that enables it to grow and evolve, an ecosystem made up of optimal food, soil, climate, minerals, air, etc. With the right conditions absent, your brand will stagnate and die. Whether slowly or quickly, stagnation will take the life out Read more


The Brand Myth: Demystifying Brand Development

Humans, for thousands of years, have brought mythic creatures to life in stories, songs, and art. From the brawny Sasquatch to the soaring Phoenix, the powerful dragon to the enchanting mermaid – these stories have become part of our shared human consciousness. What is it about these mythic creatures that thrills us, frightens us, and Read more


Brand Development: Process vs. Framework

We’ve talked a lot about understanding the value that your brand brings to developing your start-up. If you missed any of those conversations, you can pick them up here. If the purpose of branding is to facilitate relationships that create emotional-value, then the way you go about developing your brand matters. No matter what you’ve Read more


Brand-Thinking: A Shift from Tactical to Relational

As entrepreneurs, we live in a high-stake, high-pressure world. Every decision we make can become the difference between epic success and heartbreaking failure. That’s why entrepreneurs, more than any other subset of the business world, become obsessed with terms like ROI, ROAS, cost per sale, customer acquisition cost, gross margin, etc. As a result, entrepreneurs Read more