Is This a New Era for Chinese Luxury Brands?

‘Made in France’ has been a label that luxury fashion brands have been proud to own and display. The associations of quality, heritage, craftsmanship, and a certain French savior-faire have created a dreamlike aura for many high-end French fashion brands, particularly among Asian consumers. It is a selection of positive country associations that many European Read more


It’s All in The Bag

Priyanka is wife, mother and a rising executive at a multinational bank in Mumbai. She is also a lucrative target for advertisers. A double page advertisement for Botox urges women to “Face the world with confidence”. This is just one of the many beauty, fashion, jewellery and even financial and automobile brands that are targeting Read more


Luxury Marketing in India: The Indian Touch

As the Indian luxury market enters the next phases of development, the rewards of this potentially massive market will continue to attract foreign investment. However, India is not just another emerging market. It is a market of contrasts, contradictions and extremes. Numerous luxury and fashion brands have exited the Indian market or re-entered with a Read more


Managing the Dark Side of Your Brand

Does your brand suck? This is not a question that is often raised in marketing or board meetings. However, a quick search on Google may reveal what some of your consumers really think and feel about your brand. Anti-brand websites such as,, and and social media communities have become a ubiquitous Read more