Conran Designs Limited Edition Gordon's Gin Bottles

Conran Designs Limited Edition Gordon’s Gin Bottles

We just can’t get enough of redesigns of iconic liquors’ bottles, no matter what the idea behind them is. Whether it is the celebration an anniversary, collaboration with an artist just for the sake of it, or creation of the ultimate limited edition bottle, it is always refreshing to see famous alcoholic beverages brands in Read more

New Chrome Experiment Done In Collaboration With Cirque Du Soleil

New Google Chrome Experiment Done in Collaboration With Cirque Du Soleil

Not long ago, Google Chrome celebrated 4 years of rethinking web browsing, and although the browser hasn’t had any major overhauls lately, the guys from Google are making sure to keep the innovation going. Google Chrome teamed up with Cirque du Soleil to make a “new sensory Chrome experiment” which transfers Cirque du Soleil’s wonderful Read more


Guinness Creates a Monument for the Future

Egyptians left the pyramids to stand for thousands of years after them, the Mayas their calendars and temples, and Guinness together with Saatchi & Saatchi now leave a gigantic wooden pint for the future generations. A 12 foot, 2 tonne totem-like monument with carvings and sculptures all over its surface that tell the story of the Read more

volkswagen featured

Volkswagen Uses Video Crowdsourcing For The New “Why VW” Brand Campaign

Just like Twitter and their “Stories” initiative from the end of 2011, Volkswagen decided to engage customers, and retell the experiences they’ve had with the brand. Volkswagen launched a brand campaign called “Why VW”, which revolves around a dedicated website where VW owners’ stories are showcased. People are invited to share their own stories on the Read more

Campbell's Soup - Pop Art Icon Refreshed

Campbell’s Soup – Pop Art Icon Refreshed

The good ol’ canned soups from Campbell’s, iconized in the sixties by Andy Warhol, still remains a legend. Yet, the legendary tin can is about to get freshened up a little bit, as the pop artist’s famous screen prints of the can celebrate their 50th anniversary. Four different cans featuring Warhol-style colored labels and quotes Read more

Vin Cider - Inspired By Somersby, Or A Classic Ripoff

Vin Cider – A Classic Ripoff?

Not long ago, a new brand was launched in Serbia by a  large winery called “Coka”. The winery produces mainly cheap wines, and some other cheap alcoholic beverages. A company not worth mentioning, you might think. Well, we thought that too, until the new brand under the name “Vin Cider” was launched – the new drink Read more

Red Bull Installs A Low-Budget Interactive Billboard In London

Red Bull Installs A Low-Budget Interactive Billboard In London

Ever wondered how to make a low budget, interactive outdoor advertisement? Well, Red Bull London might give you a clue. Supporting English singer Jessie Ware and her upcoming debut album “Devotion”, Red Bull placed a billboard on London’s Broadway Market that invited passers-by to engage in its completion. The billboard was filled with empty circles that, when viewed from a distance, made up a very pale photo of the singer done in a pointillist style. Passers-by were given pencils which they could use to color the circles, thus improving the visual impact of the photo and making the billboard look more convincing. Take a look at the photos below, and see how the whole activity went by: Photos: If you recall Red Bull’s projects such as the Airdrop Mission, or the Travelling Music Academy, you could assume that they are a brand that is very into guerrilla advertising and music, and you would be right. This small project from Red Bull’s London recording studio just confirms the statement. Read more

Coca-Cola Zero Supporting New James Bond Movie - Limited Edition Packaging Revealed

Coca-Cola Zero Supporting New James Bond Movie – Limited Edition Packaging Revealed

Coca-Cola is about to initiate a major campaign supporting the upcoming James Bond “Skyfall” movie, under the tagline “Unlock The 007 In You”. The details of the campaign are yet to be released, but it is assumed that it will include print, social media and TV advertising. The cooperation between Coca-Cola and the James Bond Read more

Allianz's Magic Mirror Advertising Stunt

Allianz Magic Mirror Advertising Stunt

On-site advertising/guerrilla marketing stunts are becoming a more and more popular medium, especially because of the possibility of creating low budget solutions that later have a great impact. Usually, the greatest stunts were the simplest ones, yet when caught on camera and uploaded online, the videos became viral almost instantly. A great example of a Read more

Facebook's New Ad Format - A Bit More Of Unwanted Advertising For Users

Facebook’s New Ad Format – a Bit More of Unwanted Advertising for Users

Since the launch of Stories, Ads, Brand Pages with timeline, and Premium Ads features back in March 2012, Facebook has become a real treat for marketers, agencies and brands, as they received a powerful tool that gives them an insight into what people think, like and talk about on the social network in any given Read more