A Digital Challenge for Brands: Creating A Consistent Customer Experience

Understanding the shopper journey and what motivates a shopper to buy your brand is essential to ensure your brand speaks to your target audience. New research has found that the number of consumers researching products online before buying in-store has decreased by 7 percent over the past year. The study, conducted by OnePoll, asked 2000 respondents Read more


MWC 2015: Is It More of the Same or Change for the Sake of Change?

Mobile brands, including carriers and social media grandees such as Mark Zuckerberg, are in Barcelona at MWC15 to announce, prophesise, and speculate on what we as consumers will want, or think we need, in the form of mobile devices and the connected landscape. It’s true to say that we are a generation that relies on Read more


The Future of Cigarette Branding: Controversial or Not, Who Dictates a Brand’s Fate?

Now I don’t claim to be an advocate of smoking, nor do I condone it in any circumstance, but I do believe in the freedom of choice and for individuals to make their own personal decisions. This applies to everything that is perceived or proven bad for your health, from sugar to alcohol to smoking, Read more


Luxury Brands Launch Wearable Tech as Fashion at CES2015

You may have noticed that last week the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show was in full swing in Vegas and whilst most mainstream technologies were announced, in and around these announcements were many new wearable tech ideas flirted by many brands that will undoubtedly come to market within the decade and change the way we view our Read more

Game Over

At 20 Years Old, PlayStation Continues to Capture the Market

For those of you that can remember, or have grown up alongside it, you might be aware that PlayStation celebrated its 20th anniversary last week, and how it’s flown by. Gaming as a category has evolved decade on decade, and is forecast to continue growing. Yet some brands have died before they even started:  Remember Gizmondo Read more

best christmas atl feat image

This Year’s Best Christmas ATL?

For this year’s Christmas ads, we’ve had the lot, as more or less every major retailer has now released their ads and laid out their stall for what they can offer consumers this Christmas. We’ve had John Lewis’ CGI/stuffed penguin, M&S’ Christmas fairies, Tesco shining a light on community spirit, surprises from Lidl, Aldi’s hogmanay Read more

celebrity endorsements feat image

Celebrity Endorsements Have the Potential to Transform a Brand

Historically, sporting personalities have proved the most successful, though there are exceptions. The most memorable and longstanding endorsements involve a great match between the values of a brand, the quality and type of product, and the right celebrity face to champion it. For example, Michael Jordan and Nike created possibly the founding father of the Read more

emotional connection feat image

Rebuilding that Emotional Connection with Your Consumers

With declining food sales mirroring the retailer’s fashion decline, it has appeared that Marks and Spencer, under the reign of Marc Bolland, has been spinning into terminal decline. But hang on. Our much loved M&S where, with little exception, we have either worn or eaten their wares over the decades, has suddenly bounced back with Read more


The REAL Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge has been a runaway success for charities. Social media has exploded with video content of nominated individuals showering themselves in icy water and nominating others to do it in the name of a good cause. And it has gone a long way to helping those causes. The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Read more


The Brands Losing Their Cool Factor for the Sake of Profit

Recently Apple has been widely scrutinised in the media, with many pundits accusing the tech giant of having lost its ‘cool factor,’ and hailing its recent acquisition of Beats as an attempt by the brand to get its mojo back. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a cheap headlining trick that the media Read more