How to Create a Content Brand: Branding Roundtable #10

Content marketing is not new, and not generally news anymore – but the question remains: is it just a tactic, or a strategic core for brands? I’ve written about this before, as in the article “2013: The Year Branding Marries Content?” Now, with the explosion of content conferences, agencies, consultants and Chief Content Officers, it Read more


Brand Simplicity vs. Our Innovation Complex

This article is the first in a series on brand innovation, exploring exactly what that overused term means, what makes it meaningful (or not), who’s guiding it, and where it’s headed as a driver of brand development and performance. Researching this series, I’ve come across a large body of research, from the obvious – McKinsey & Read more


8 Key Questions in Financial Branding: Roundtable #09

If, to any degree at all, the statement “a brand is a promise” rings true with you, then you’ll know why financial brands have been is such a predicament of late. Few sectors have suffered the self-inflicted wounds of broken promises more than has the financial services realm. That’s why, in this edition of The Read more


Rebranding: Branding Roundtable #08

What exactly is rebranding? If the first two words that come to mind are “new logo,” or even simply “brand refresh,” please read on. In this month’s Branding Roundtable we explore rebranding as a core strategic business activity with a critical role in the lifecycle of brands (well, at least successful brands). Given the importance Read more


16 Branding Experts on Trends in ’15: Branding Roundtable No. 7

What are going to be the big branding trends in 2015? What will be the biggest opportunity? The toughest challenge?   That’s exactly what we asked 16 branding experts from around the world, all of whose organizations have participated in this, the inaugural year of The Branding Roundtable. What follows is just a hint of what Read more


Branding Roundtable #06: Verbal Branding

Historically, branding has been understood (or misunderstood) as a predominantly visual pursuit. “A Brief Overview of the History of Branding” from the Advertising Education Foundation (AEF) notes that “Since the time people created goods to trade or sell, or as far back in time as when people owned cattle, there have been trademarks, symbols, signs Read more


Branding Roundtable No. 5: Brand and Customer Experience

“The reality is, few companies are organized internally in a way that enables them to align brand and experience.” So starts the commentary on the challenges, opportunities – and sometimes outright confusion – in brand and customer experience (some say there’s a difference, some not). The long and short of it is, if you don’t Read more


Can B-Corp Branding Firms Find Profit in Purpose?

Can businesses and brands profit with purpose? It’s not a new question, but it is picking up a new sense of currency among branding firms, not only for their clients but also for themselves. A few have even joined the movement to become B-Corporations, certified by the non-profit organization B-Labs to “meet rigorous standards of Read more

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4 Do’s and 1 Don’t for Small Branding Firm Success

For years big agencies have tried to swallow the branding-advertising-marketing world whole (although the effort to bite off too much can cause them to choke on their deals, as with this year’s abandoned Omnicom-Publicis merger). Nonetheless, as the big get bigger, less-than-global agencies are successfully competing even with the largest firms – but not exactly Read more


Branding Roundtable No. 4: How Branding Agencies Brand Themselves

The opening salvo in the latest Branding Roundtable describes the industry problem perfectly, as fired off by Veb Anand of Brand Union: “Ad agencies, media companies, digital shops, HR consultants, research houses – all [are] taking the initiative to go upstream and claim brand-building as a value-adding component of their offers… we [need] to differentiate our own credentials and Read more