The B2B Branding Roundtable: From the Land Where “Brand” Was a Dirty Word

B2B, or business-to-business, branding and marketing once went by the decidedly unsexy moniker of “industrial marketing.”  It was a hard-nosed business of products sold on features and price, with marketers often relegated to a sales support role and “brand” considered an indulgent and irrelevant nicety better suited to B2C. No more. Today, B2B often attracts Read more


3 Experts Answer 10 Key Questions About Destination Branding

According to a recent DMAI survey, effective branding is ranked among the top success factors for marketing a destination. In Branding Roundtable #15 we go beyond the survey numbers, talking in depth to three leading practitioners of the combined science and art of branding a place: Deana Ivey, Chief Marketing Officer at Nashville Convention & Visitors Read more


Branding Roundtable #14: Luxury

In a world where chasing the luxe life seems a mass pursuit, what does it mean to be a luxury brand, and how can marketers effectively position and promote luxury products, services and experiences (the latter becoming ever more important)? We explore those questions and more with three branding experts: Tom Adams, Global Head of Strategy, FutureBrand Worldwide Erich Joachimsthaler, Read more


Nonprofit Branding: The Branding Roundtable #13

When you entertain the concept of branding you may consider it to be just a business concept, the foundation for and driver of financial value creation. More and more, however, nonprofits are also seeing the benefits of disciplined brand strategy and communication – benefits far beyond  enhancing their fundraising. To explore the challenges and opportunities Read more


Brand Innovation: Facts vs. Fables #1

We interviewed several brand innovation firms for Branding Roundtable #12,  and during that process gravitytank mentioned having created a storybook series of lessons on innovation as a gift for clients – so we challenged them to turn it into a more widely accessible resource. They responded by bringing the previously limited-edition, print-only stories to life in fun, instructive Read more


2015 Marketing Hall of Fame: Storied Marketers and the Power of Stories

“Let me start with a story.” That was how David Aaker started his acceptance speech at last week’s 2015 Marketing Hall of Fame induction. More a simple reality than a clever perspective, the power of story was reflected in one way or another in all four acceptance speeches, from Aaker, Vice Chairman of Prophet and Professor Read more


The Next Generation of Brand Innovation: Branding Roundtable #12

Innovation is a recurrent business obsession, which, according to McKinsey & Company, “has traditionally swung into and out of fashion: popular in good times and tossed back into the closet in downturns.” As such, it is also a branding obsession, given that “your brand is your business” (as noted by Tim Simonds of The Kellogg Read more

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Global Brand Valuation Firms Fire Back at Critics, Invite Debate

Image: Ken Teegardin What would you do if one of your core lines of business was called into question by a corporately-sponsored analysis… and those findings were subsequently used by a professor/consultant to describe your work as “’unproven crap?” You might do what Brand Finance did – issue a written response and challenge its critics and the entire Read more


Collaborating for Brand Relevance: Branding Roundtable #11

Brand relevance was the topic under the microscope at the BrandSmart 2015 conference, held recently in Chicago and hosted by that chapter of the American Marketing Association.   Branding Magazine was there, to interview speakers – as in the video below – and also to hold the first live Branding Roundtable. Chuck Kent, moderator of The Read more


How to Create a Content Brand: Branding Roundtable #10

Content marketing is not new, and not generally news anymore – but the question remains: is it just a tactic, or a strategic core for brands? I’ve written about this before, as in the article “2013: The Year Branding Marries Content?” Now, with the explosion of content conferences, agencies, consultants and Chief Content Officers, it Read more