Unveiling the Naked Brand: Is Transparency the New Black?

The Naked Brand documentary opens with a shot of U.S. Army-branded Nascar cars zooming around a track and uniformed troops unveiling sponsored racecars. We learn via voiceover that in 2011 the United States Government spent $27 million dollars sponsoring Nascar, while simultaneously cutting $75 million in benefits for homeless veterans. The story immediately grabs the Read more


Branding? Here’s a Method to Get You Started

The best brands have more than a visual identity or an articulate mission statement. To create those, it helps to have a ‘spark’ to fuel the branding process. Perhaps it’s a color scheme, an image or a tagline that gets the creative juices flowing. When I collaborate with clients to develop their brands, I am Read more


The New ABCs of Branding: Feat. Daniel Pink’s 3 Rules for Moving Others

You may not be “in sales,” but you’re in sales. That’s the premise behind Daniel Pink’s latest book, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others. Even if you are not employed in a role as a salesperson, you probably spend an awful lot of time persuading others in some way, shape or Read more

Appealing to the Affluent: Trends that Brands Must Understand

Appealing to the Affluent: Trends that Brands Must Understand

So much of what we hear in regards to branding deals with companies trying to meet the needs of cost-conscious consumers that have been impacted by the recession. What about affluent shoppers? Brands need to understand these consumers too, especially because the way they shop is evolving. According to a Martini Media survey that looked at Read more


Brand Storytelling in 4 Steps

Brands are more dynamic than ever, and the ones that offer a multidisciplinary approach to branding are ideally those that win over the hearts and minds of their customers. How can you give your brand another layer? Tell a story through your branding efforts. Being a brand storyteller doesn’t have to mean literally “telling a Read more


Looking Ahead in the Digital Realm

On the whole, digital has come so far, hasn’t it? We can book a flight from our smartphones, connect with brands while we browse Facebook statuses, bring anything to life on a screen, and we can stream—or beam—just about anywhere. As the media world evolves, how will digital marketing, advertising, skills, and technologies develop? Let’s Read more


Has the Super Bowl Adscape Evolved Beyond “Sex Sells?”

Let’s face it: The Super Bowl is a big deal, even if you could care less about the 49ers or the Ravens… or don’t know the difference between a yellow flag and a red one. The Big Game is all about the ads, and most of us tune in just to see them. According to Read more


The 4 Components of Successful Brand Building

It’s always interesting to see how a brand comes together and what contributes to its success. It can seem like companies that excel at branding effortlessly create something magical, but the truth is that they put a lot of thought into the platforms they produce. While branding encompasses everything from customer touch points to visual Read more


Give Your Brand the Secret One–two punch…Value

Branding isn’t just a buzzword anymore—having a solid brand is a necessity. Why does it matter more than ever? Because customers expect more…and they have pretty high expectations these days. Exceed, or at least meet them, and you can thrive in today’s marketplace. Ignore what you think is just the latest marketing hype and your Read more


Form and Function are Key to Your Brand’s Bottom Line

Good design goes beyond what is visually appealing. In the age of digital innovations, brands that do not embrace functional, appealing design risk being beaten out by competitors. Several facets impact what we recognize as an effective design. It’s about the features, functionality, subtleties, and finishes. Something needs to be both visually alluring and useful Read more