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We are an independent and global journal, narrating the discussion around branding with insightful sources of news and opinions from the industry. Our dedicated team of writers strives to keep readers informed and intrigued with unique work from brands across the globe, concentrating on fresh brand strategies, executions, identities, development, and overall evolution. And it’s not just us. We’re supported by a beloved group of renowned experts who collaborate and celebrate creativity by bringing their international expertise and experiences to our pages.

Together, we propel a vision in which quality content is the value exchange. Together, we applaud the work of our peers, big and small. Together, we persevere with enthusiasm and curiosity, across both themes and borders.

Together, we are Branding Magazine. And we believe that the name speaks for itself.

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Flavia Barbat, Editor-in-Chief
Alexandra Bandea, Editor – North America
Jakub Jungling, Editor – Europe
Chuck Kent, Contributing Editor
David Brbaklić, Art Director, Editorial
Marija Kanazir, Staff Writer
Maiara Kososki, Staff Writer
Marija Milošević, Staff Writer
Tijana Pantelić, Staff Writer
Aleksandar Maričić, Staff Writer
Karolina Mišović, Staff Writer
Nadica Patrović, Staff Writer
Marko Ursić, Staff Writer
Oliver Mladenović, Staff Writer
Nemanja Veselinović, Founder