Around the World in One Day with Starbucks

The power of connection is caught by Starbucks’ first ever global brand campaign. Starbucks has shared great moments of real people in their daily life in 28 different countries by a video shot in only a day. Featuring “Meet Me at Starbucks”, the coffee house has gone around the globe along with 72andSunny, the agency Read more


Designer Depicts Starbucks’ Daily Interactions through Logo

Have you ever noticed the different personalities within Starbucks while getting your caffeine fix? Designer Alejo Malia, based in Madrid, Spain, created “Starbucks ICONS” as an homage to the 60 million customers that pass through each week.  Layering the original design, Alejo subtly depicts characters like the hipster and the self-obsessed selfie. Alejo, in total, has designed Read more


Starbucks Collectible City Cards, Phase Two

You can purchase a lot of things in Starbucks alongside coffee: numerous cups, cute little pottery, chocolate, souvenirs… Literally each time you visit, there is a new thing you can buy. How convenient! SEE ALSO: UNIQLO Divides Store Space – Half Museum, Half Starbucks Aiming to replace common fridge magnets, Starbucks continues its 2011 campaign Read more


UNIQLO Divides Store Space – Half Museum, Half Starbucks

A retailer’s main goal has always been to attract new customers and make them stay longer in the store by creating the atmosphere of a home. So far, playing nice music in the store have been quite effective, but UNIQLO has come up with the great idea of mixing art and the joy of drinking coffee Read more


Starbucks Store on Rails Redefines Coffee to Go

Starbucks has yet again pushed the envelope by taking on a new frontier: trains. Switzerland has officially become the first country to get a fully-fledged Starbucks store on rails, located in SBB’s (Swiss Federal Railways) double-decker train car which will be operating from Geneva Airport to St Gallen starting from November 21st. Depending on length of the Read more

The Emotional Side of Starbucks' Christmas Packaging

The Emotional Side of Starbucks’ Christmas Packaging

“When the cups turns red at Starbucks, that’s one of the first cues that the holidays are upon us.” And so it is. As Terry Davenport, Senior Vice President, Global Brand and Creative Studios at Starbucks stated, “The red cups have taken on almost a cultural role” so it’s no surprise seeing them once again Read more

If Starbucks Redesigned its Iconic Cups

If Starbucks Redesigned its Iconic Cups

Starbucks cups became the freshest form of expressing artistic creativity, this time by illustrator Johanna Basford from Abereden, UK. With the help of simple pens, the already iconic cups were decorated with various detailed patterns that would certainly make you think twice before throwing them in the bin. SEE ALSO: Storytelling Packages at Starbucks Inspired Read more


Storytelling Packages at Starbucks

How can anyone get through the day without coffee? It does not matter if it is filter coffee, an espresso or a latte, you just have to have it. Here’s another simple question. How did you choose the coffee blend that you are so accustomed to now and how would you choose another one if you Read more


Gevalia and Starbucks Clinched to Avoid Lawsuits

Walking into Starbucks and asking for a tall blonde is now acceptable. I just wanted to throw that out there before we get any further in our discussion. On another note, since nobody even comes close to Starbucks in the franchised coffee business, it is very well expected that someone will in selling coffee beans. Read more