Good Campaign of the Week: Microsoft “#MAKEWHATSNEXT”

Campaign: #MAKEWHATSNEXT Agency: McCann Worldgroup Brand: Microsoft It’s easy to compare a campaign like this to the hugely successful #LikeAGirl — it’s even titled with a hashtag. In this case, comparing the two isn’t about deciding which advert is better, but realizing a bigger picture: brands have a responsibility to provide opportunities for young girls Read more


How Microsoft Has Broken the Copycat Mold

Over the past decade, the importance of showcasing innovation in both product and design has become a pain point within the tech industry in which many have not alleviated. In a market where competition is high, but opportunities are slim, brands have struggled to break the copycat mold and come up with something different to Read more


Microsoft Lync Will Give Consumers a Skype-like Experience

Being announced by its Office Communicator predecessors, Microsoft Lync was launched in 2011 as a communication tool for corporate environments. Four years later, in the first half of 2015, Lync will be rebranded as Skype for Business! Skype has become a synonym for sharing family moments, but as well a synonym for conference calls, and it Read more


Microsoft vs Google, Part Two: Scroogled Merchandise

The tech “war” between Google and Microsoft is intensely sharpening.  As a part of the brand’s ”Scroogled” anti-campaign, Microsoft has started to sell t-shirts, hats, mugs, and sweatshirts which are ironically toying and mocking around Google’s customer data mining. While the Scroogled mug announces things like “Keep calm while we steal your data,”  the ”Step into our web” t-shirt notes Read more


Going Big: Microsoft, Xbox One and Zombies

Two weeks ago, we wrote about Microsoft’s ludicrous stunt in London where the brand unveiled a gigantic Surface 2 tablet. Last week, Microsoft Canada apparently had the same megalomaniac tendencies by unveiling a huge Xbox One in downtown Vancouver which contained a hidden surprise: zombies! Microsoft’s new gaming console is about to hit the stores Read more


Microsoft Reveals a Giant Surface 2 Tablet in London

Continuing the promotion of the new Surface 2 tablet lineup, Microsoft has unveiled a 27-foot wide (or 383 inches, to be more specific) tablet in the heart of London. The oversized installation (created by Helix) is actually a semi-functional product and it sends the inputs from the giant Touch Cover mock-up to an actual Surface Read more


Did Microsoft Start a Design Revolution?

The term “Flat design” originates from a specific design style which removes most – if not all – drop shadow, gradient and textural effects and concentrates instead on color, form and type. It refers to a design style that looks, simply, flat. An example of “Flat design” – Microsoft’s “Metro” look Flat design was and Read more


Microsoft Must Rebrand?

How can you be innovative when thinking of a product name? Well, it has to be catchy and easy to remember, describe a service that it provides and relate to potential customers. Unfortunately, this task only becomes more daunting when it concerns the naming of a digital product. When Microsoft named its Windows 8 design a Read more