Beldent Myth Busters: Is Chewing Gum Bad for Your Image?

“There’s a social stigma attached to chewing gum is the first line of the latest experiment called “Almost identical” conducted by Beldent and Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi.

On October 1, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, the brand carried out a real-life experiment aiming to crack down civil prejudices about the inappropriateness of chewing gum in certain circumstances. Are you one of those who think that chewing gum at a job interview, entrance exams or while taking bank loans gives the impression of sloppy and irresponsible person?

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However, the myth busters team from Beldent organized a kind of scientific examination in which they took several pairs of identical twins with one small, but nevertheless important difference; one of them was chewing a gum while the other was completely expressionless. Then, the museum visitors were invited to answer some of these questions: Which one of these cops looks like the bad one? Which one of these guys has more friends? Which boss looks like he’d give you a raise?

Apparently, the thriller-like-ad showed that gum-chewing twin received a more positive answer 73% of the time. Do you find this information sufficient enough to change your minds?

  • Mr. Z

    It’s a nice ad but in the end the age and background of the participants is crucial. For me for example sure they give better impression but for my grandpa in other hand it’s just disrespectful.