GE: Marketing Through a Meme

Image: GE/Pinterest

General Electric (GE) made a pretty interesting Pinterest campaign involving “Hey girl” memes featuring Thomas Edison (Tesla geek fans will not appreciate this) instead of Ryan Gosling. Without marketing plans and market research, with only 12 pins in one Pinterest board they acquired over 12K followers.

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All of Pinterest’s possibilities haven’t been explored in their full extent, so GE’s experiment is somewhat of an interesting one. The memes are cheesy, yes, but witty at the same time. Pinterest users were engaging with the content by repinning and commenting on memes, while GE responded. If you take a look at the fore mentioned Pinterest board, you will see how well crafted are GE’s answers.

Before we let you browse through memes, we must conclude that this campaign proves that marketing is all about a good and simple idea.

Image: GE/Pinterest

Image: GE/Pinterest

Image: GE/Pinterest

  • Marissa Solari

    Hi Jovana,

    Great article!!! GE may not seem like the most natural fit for Pinterest, memes are super relevant for Pinterest and not to mention hilarious! Although it may not be Ryan Gosling, this campaign is sure to get people talking about and engaging with GE.


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