• Jeremiah Gardner

    “We are the ones that decide whether a brand’s intentions are noble and whether they are worthy of our attention.” Absolutely love this line. Great read. Thank you.

  • stephanie betts

    great piece! A lot of brand are trying so hard to grab the limelight thinking they can fool customers into believing into a brand …when there is no qualitative depth to the offering and therefore no brand experience to speak of… Thank you.

  • Chuck Kent

    Entertaining read.. insightful… damn, why didn’t I write this!

    I think the crux of the issue(s) you lay out here is that “the human is put firmly front and centre in determining a brand’s real-time equity,” More on that please.

  • Courtney Fisher

    “Part of something genuine and real” in our technology driven age we slip into valuing the instant, often shallow techniques. This is a great piece, thank you.

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