Pets Become Portable WiFi Hotspots for Thailand’s Dtac

The Dtac, a Thai mobile telecom company, in collaboration with the TBWA’s Creative Juice, has recently launched the latest ‘’Moving WiFi’’ service made of unique portable hotspots. These hubs were hooked on to something quite mobile:  Pets.

The brand faced the challenge of creating a groundbreaking experience that would spread positive word-of mouth and gain subscribers. The two-minute video shows how adorable puppies can be utilized as moving, yet stable, online sources; needless to say, the people of Bangkok were delighted and surprised by this unusual ‘‘work and play” invention. Interested parties could receive the WiFi by simply getting close to the animal and connecting to the free network.

These new kinds of hotspots are not just for providing  free internet, but rather allow users to play and interact with them, too. The video depicts the remarkably positive results, both through traditional and new media, of the brand’s campaign.

Take a look at the lovely campaign and feel free to share your impressions about this innovative service.

  • Alison L, USA

    Hi. I made a comment relevant to the conversation about brand. Wondering where it went…

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  • pfreet

    I’ve seen this before somewhere. :-)

    A few years ago some of us created a spoof of a startup business. We came up with the most ridiculous idea we could possibly think of, called it Wificat. Now the world of the absurd has become real. Amazing:

  • Ivy

    It’s not cool. How can they make sure that radiation from wifi won’t impair pet’s health?