• Freddie Mercury

    Except real fans aren’t now, and never were, the people buying music in the volumes that keep the industry ticking over. Real fans never bought their music from high street retailers, and never will. Makes for an emotive soundbite, but it’s bollocks. Just like tacking on the bog standard line about ’embracing digital’. ‘If music company X would just embrace digital (by hiring our agency) then they could totally be at the top of the digital music tree’. No they couldn’t, they’d just be another company with a digital presence. They’re not going to compete with iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Grooveshark or even Youtube, and no amount of agency lingo and guff will change that.

  • Brizian

    “Real fans have the download, the single, the Japanese import and the
    12inch of the same record because it just feels different on vinyl.”

    Those aren’t “real fans”. Those are suckers.