• http://twitter.com/Anabagail Abigail Anaba

    I believe content marketing is the way to go for most big and growing brands in 2013. There really is no other way to go if you really consider it. Traditional push marketing is being ignored more and more with customers seeking engagement and being more interested in what they can gain before they part with their money or their loyalty.

    • http://twitter.com/creativeoncall Chuck Kent

      I personally agree, but recognize that brand marketing agencies have a) a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and b) often lack the expertise to branch out beyond simply creating ad-centered campaigns. The smarter agencies will learn how to marry branding and content, because clients will demand it.

  • Carlos Puig Falcó

    We, as branding consultants, believe that branding is on an upper level and content is an important vehicle to reinforce the relationship between brands and customers. As storytelling or sensorial experiences do, content should never go separately from a global branding strategy. The problem is that in this turbulent times, brands are looking for new ways to connect with their audiences and sometimes they forget that the brand should be over all, and its values, culture and promises are to be delivered in each contact point.

    • http://twitter.com/creativeoncall Chuck Kent

      I agree that “content should never go separately from a global branding strategy,” but like all elements of a coherent, integrated program should be consistent vehicle and voice for the brand promise. Too often it is excused from that role, and valued only as a tactic. ON the other hand, those charged with brand stewardship forget that, amid the turbulence you mention, it is no longer enough to simply assert values, culture and promises – they need to be demonstrated to be believed (see the Edleman and Neilsen surveys on declining trust in advertising). Content, particularly when delivered as engagingly as BBDO does for Save the Children, can do just that, letting the self-evident truth of a brand promise shine (see my follow-up article at http://ow.ly/gz0MO)