• rob

    shes british not scottish, though her husband dougray scott is scottish…so i doubt thats her accent….probably closer to his.

    • Angus Darlin’

      Let’s get it right from the start…all Scots are Brits, but not all Brits are Scots. BTW, she’s of English and Italian descent. Add to all that, Dewar’s is carburetor cleaner…single malts FOREVER!

  • Idahopotato

    let me just put my two cents in….. I love Claire Forlani but that accent……..I could have taught my American husband to speak better. I hate the commercial, can’t stand the drink and I agree with Angusdarlin….single malts are tastier. Sorry Claire but rolling your rr’s does not make a Scottish accent, makes my ears bleed everytime I hear it!

  • Honey Bee

    The accent is fine. I guess some live in a universe where only native speakers should be hired to play imaginary characters. And funny how these very literal folks seem to forget about the accent outliers – the hybrid accents of those who call no one place “home”.

    Considering the edgier suggestions of these Dewar’s ads, it isn’t important whether Dewar’s is the “fanciest” Scotch.

  • ScotchDude

    Sorry guys why get hung up on accents? This is a clever ad for a good brand. The kind of snobbish comments here make me want to have a good Dewar’s on the rocks. You boys can throw stones from behind the sofa and get mommy to put you to bed. We drinking men will stay up with Claire