IKEA’s Bright & Shiny Direction Continues With New UK Ad

Continuing in the style of its Bright Shiny Colors spot, IKEA continues to advertise with vivid and playful ‘music-video’ commercials, like the one below called “Playin’ with my friends”.

Fostering family mealtimes (similar to Coca-Cola, about a month back), IKEA reinvents family tradition and moves from talking about products to talking about activities in the home, all in a fun, bright and colorful ‘music video’ styled campaign, as part of a new strategic direction for IKEA UK and Ireland.

“The new strategy will demonstrate IKEA’s knowledge and understanding of the challenges people face every day in their homes and will provide practical ideas, solutions and inspiration, marking a shift from communications focused on rooms in the home to campaigns discussing activities and needs in the home,” wrote Mother London, the creators of the ad, on their website.

What’s your opinion about IKEA’s new colorful direction?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594018962 David Oliver Steinberg

    What is the target audience for the client? Great commercial if my 8 year old would have money and can drive to IKEA herself. I would skip the channel and feel annoyed. I do love IKEA otherwise… Just not that commercial.