• http://www.facebook.com/people/Gianluca-Crudele/1599271308 Gianluca Crudele

    I am the first that has been seduced by the chance to redesign one of the most used and diffused logo in the world but, on the other hand, I find this kind of contests quite “offensive” for graphic designers.
    5000$ dollar as prize for the logo of a brand who has been valued 77$m just two days ago?
    And then? Your work (actually your idea) will be taken, changed (even if you are not the winner!) and governed by a branding agency that will never even know your name?

    Wow, thank you Coca-Cola, this is the “very new” marketing campaign that we were waiting for…

    • http://www.facebook.com/stoljagic Srđan Toljagić

      I know… And it’s just absurd how many free ideas they will gather…

  • http://rayvellest.com/ Ray Vellest

    Your title is utterly misleading as the contest is actually for a t-shirt design not a new logo. Not that I’m advocating in favour of the contest, which I also found to be disgusting; specially considering they are keeping the rights of all submitted designs. It will be a PR disaster for the brand if they dare using any of this ideas in the future.