Interbrand Reveals Top 100 Global Brands in 2012

Interbrand, one of the world’s leading brand consultancy just revealed their list of Best 100 Global Brands for 2012. Compared to the results of previous year, the companies that made the biggest leap are Apple (+129%), Amazon (+46%), Samsung (+40%) and Oracle (+28%). The report took into consideration various major events that happened during the course of this year and how they reflected on certain brands.

“Those who manage the Best Global Brands 2012 understand the role they play in peoples’ lives, and respond accordingly — building on successes and making up for mistakes. They are constantly nurturing their brands to keep pace in a rapidly changing world; they know that every market is different, every interaction counts, and every individual matters. Quite an achievement in such turbulent times. These strong, highly innovative brands have earned the loyalty of many individuals who, collectively, contribute to their power and prosperity,” said Jez Frampton, CEO of Interbrand in the consultancy’s report.

Interbrand’s website also provides charts for a more in-depth analysis into the brands’ evolution during the period of last 10 years, enabling users to compare the brands or look up their value by region and country. A general look at the Top 100 list reveals that the majority of brands have improved upon the last year’s values, but also that some new additions such as Pampers, Facebook, Prada, Kia, Ralph Lauren and Master Card have appeared. Blackberry had the biggest drop compared to last year with -39%, nearly half of its original value. Nokia and Yahoo! follow a negative trend of -16% and -13%, respectively. Below is a part of the Top 100 list of brands, as well as a video of Frampton promoting the report:

The full Top 100 list can be viewed here and more information on the methodology used, as well as related interviews and articles can be found here.

  • NqueryEU

    Many studies evaluate brand value by different measures, but none rank brands by their online strength. Yet a brand’s ownership — or lack — of its Top 20 Web and Social search results is a brand statement in its own right. I thought you might be interested to see how the companies in Interbrand’s 2012 league table look when they’re re-ranked for the total value of the Top 20 search results they claim for their brand name. The summary is here (The rank-weighted scoring system used is described on the same blog.)
    Having re-ranked various branding studies (including Interbrand’s, which in my opinion is one of the best) since 2006, what’s interesting is that the brands at the top of these league tables (by almost any criteria the table is calculated) claim a higher percentage of the value of the top 20 search results than do the brands lower down. OK, with lists like Interbrand’s, we’re talking about great brands throughout, top to bottom, but nevertheless the brands at the top of these lists have a stronger lock on their online visibility and image than do the brands further down: they leave less of their online branding, reputation and sales space up for grabs.