• http://twitter.com/jamesolden James Olden

    Well it’s not Microsoft; its had as much impact this year as their products.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Duckey00 Milosh Duckey Dunjić

    My favorite redesigned logo of 2012 is Ebay’s logo, because it’s shows that they put all the peaces in the correct order and grow up from a childish and small website where you can buy some basic things like clothes,music and books into a serious trading company that connects people all around the world giving them a chance to buy
    absolutely anything not just material stuff but the live one also. Ebay give a whole new meaning of buying and trading concept, and for that they needed a brand new “serious” logo, and for this they couldn’t do it better. It’s simple, clean, straight and industrial. Limitless.

  • Marijana

    new logo inspired by minimalism deviate from what they want to present. It should be more dynamic, something that remains etched in the memory.

    • Marijana

      microsoft logo, of course

  • http://www.facebook.com/Infected.Division.Paranoid Stefan Aćimović

    One,two…Dominu (:
    Je’n,dva…Domina! (Serbian)

  • Guest

    Microsoft –

  • Milan

    Microsoft, definitely. They incorporated their most famous product into new logo design. It’s simple and elegant. Logo redesign comes in good time as well, public is now focused on Apple as main evildoer in the industry. It feels like Microsoft is trying to say: “Hey, look at us! We’re young again”

  • Mark K Stutes

    Twitter represents the best of the brand redesigns in two ways. First, it reflects the company’s maturity as a product and a brand. Gone are the round curves and “baby fat”, the cute feathers on the head, and the baby blue color. In flew a sharper, darker look that says “We have positioned ourselves as a serious media player in news, advertising and communication.” Second, in changing its look, it didn’t lose any of the spirit or character of the original brand but simply more an evolution of it.

  • Coba

    There is always concerns about logo redesign and they are usually coming from two sides. One is from the professionals who are suppose to design them and companies which will use them. The logos shown above are typical example of logos as strictly strategic tools for attracting more business. From my point of view they have left aside the craftsman-shift once so precious in design and communication. Yes they are legible, well set typographically (well Seat… is something else) maintaining the original spirit as much as they could… The common thing to most of the logos here is that they have been ugly before the redesign. Think of old ebay… So, to improve things in that area is difficult. Because of the system built around the old identity that is so hard to beat. Twitter went as far as they could because of the customers they have. The other also followed their customers cultures, stripping their own identity to what potential new customers might see in them. Of course logo is not enough in this identities, but the whole branding system and structure of communicating the brand to their audiences. And that looks much better than what we see here. Pity.