• http://twitter.com/BrandAnarchy Ney Pimentel

    I understand the “cleaner”, “contemporary” look but the old logo was much better.. It had movement and a fun feel to it, though not the best, it was much better than this basic google looking logo with a sans serif typeface.. SHM…

    • katrina radic

      I just hope they won’t all look like this one day :/

  • Ben Leoni

    ugh, Gap went wrong but didn’t follow through – Thankfully. Then microsoft pissed in the wind. now ebay.

    • DecaSolitera

      W! Who’s next? 😉

  • Someone

    I can smell an article written by Katrina from a mile away without reading the author. They are so bad written and boring, she clearly never has the slightest clue of what she’s talking about. This is one of the reasons I’ve been reading this magazine a lot less lately, because of the lack of perspective and depth of most of the articles. Tell me something I don’t know already. Frustrating.

    • DecaSolitera

      Why don’t you give it a try and tell the audience something spectacular about this news?

  • http://www.richierutter.com/ Richard Rutter ツ

    Thanks for an interesting read.

    Personally I quite like the old logo, and the new logo, however it does look more uniform in relation to other brand logos, loosing that touch of originality and with it, the connotations of heritage.

    Aaker recommends making incremental changes to brand logos (in his book Building Strong Brands), for instance they could have separated the letters keeping the font and at a later stage changed the font?


  • Emily Paul

    change is good. It gives a fresh look but the color concurrence of Google, eBay and Microsoft is mysterious. It gives an alike look..!!!

  • Pat Carito

    Sorry the new Ebay logo just doesn’t cut it in a crowed brand world.
    With all out due respect, Ebay is a global company and needs unique recognition to stand out from the crowd.
    Using a generic font like Univers as a logo is like buying a ready made suit from a store rack, that everyone else has versus going to a tailor to get your suit custom made to fit your body. It’s a cheap, quick and thoughtless approach to brand identity design. In order to stand out from the crowd and be unique you need custom designed solutions that are custom tailored to your brand identity needs, this includes font customization that in turn give your identity distinct and unique character.
    Sorry Ebay, you now look like you’re wearing a conventional suit that a million other people are wearing on the street, I can’t distinguish you from the next guy. I liked your previous suit at least it looked like you went to a tailor to get it made.

  • Derek Kimball

    Many of these companies are playing it too safe with their new identities. Ebay has to realize that it’s not their logo that is losing them customers, it’s their greed and careless attitude toward those who made them who they are. Just my two cents.