Sony “Made Of Imagination” By Wes Anderson

Aaaw, this is cute – Sony portrayed what a kid’s dream smartphone concept would be and hired director Wes Anderson to make those dreams come to life, with some of that Fantastic Mr. Fox charm. The global (probably beautifully done) stop-motion TV commercial called “Made Of Imagination” for the Sony Xperia smartphone comes out on March 24th – but until then, check out the teaser below, and stay tuned – we will update as soon as the commercial airs.

Sony "Made Of Imagination" By Wes Anderson

Sony "Made Of Imagination" By Wes Anderson

Photo: Brandchannel, Eurodroid, Dailymobile

“The Made of Imagination campaign demonstrates that Xperia smartphones are made of more than microprocessors and memory chips – they are designed to let consumers use their creativity and imagination to drive connected experiences that interest and excite them.”