MTV Extends ‘Sex Is No Accident’ Campaign Into Video

Last spring, Grey Germany made a pretty awesome always-use-a-condom campaign for MTV. The campaign consisted of print ads that showed that sex is no accident, therefore, you should always use a condom; Or in other words suggesting that it’s stupid not to.

MTV's Sex Is No Accident Campaign

Now, the campaign has been extends into video too – everything’s the same except the stories and that it’s, well, animated. Check them out:

The retro and comic book touch gives the ads a certain charm and I think that this is one of the most original, fun and interesting ways to promote safe sex. I also think that this ad could actually reach out to kids, in a playful way suggesting not to be stupid, and, actually, buy and use condoms, because, in the end, there are really no excuses not to, which the ad states. It  hits right to the point through a joke, which is a great way of advertisement communication, and most likely a certain win.

MTV's Sex Is No Accident Video Campaign

MTV's Sex Is No Accident Video Campaign