• Manon

    Error is preventing me from giving feedback.

    I had the vehicle for 1 month and
    1 day today. It has great control in bad weather condition. I was amazed when
    I had to drive into a snow storm. I feel safe driving the vehicle it’ s a great

    I purchase a 2013 Tucson
    Premium. I want to let you know that the remote control was install at the
    manufactory and it wasn’t program properly, it caused a lots of frustration for
    the past month trying to start the vehicle with the remote control. You should
    definitely check into why it wasn’t program properly and maybe for best
    practice, trying both remote starter before shipping the vehicle.. Hyundai in
    Gander ,NL, will look at it on Monday, so far they are giving me really great

    The average in KM Is not at
    all what was advertised. It was suppose to average 7.4 LT per 100 KM on the
    highway. We tested the vehicle Lt per K, and it’s averaging 9.4 Lt per 100 KM,
    this is a big difference.I was made aware of the reimbursement program that you have set up to compensate on the error that was made. I did enrolled
    into the Reimbursement Estimate. It look like I’m going to have to go the
    nearest dealer everytime for reimbursement. It is a real disappointment, we did
    a lot of research the get good gas millage with the vehicle. With the price of
    gas today, the millage is very important to us. It seem like you knew for a while that there
    was a mistake, how come your website are not updated to reflect the right average
    of LT per 100 Km. I just bought the
    vehicle a month ago and even today your website is not updated to reflect the
    right Lt per KM. You should definitely update that information for next clients. I
    definitely will make everybody aware that you are making false gas consumption advertising..

    Be aware that the website is not showing the right gas LT per KM.

  • dougg

    I bought a 2010 genesis coupe new. In the past 50 000 km ive hade all exterior lights changed due to moisture. The driver side seat cover had to be chnged at 12 000 km cause it was worn right out. At 40 000 km it went in for RUST!! on the left rear quarter panel… for the first time… Two months later its going in for the fourth time, for the same rust. So not only poor build quality, but very poor customer service!!