Heineken’s ‘Create The Club Of The Future’ Initiative

Heineken is launching some sort of a ‘design your own club’ initiative, as part of their Open Design Explorations. The idea is making a bunch of originally designed pop-up clubs and “challenging traditional, static club environments by creating innovative design concepts that will be produced to become part of the club.”


Heineken took 19 young creatives from 200 aplicants that will be sourcing, sharing and researching their ideas, trying to make the perfect new, I bet awesomely designed pop-up clubs.

First of all I love the idea of pop-up anythings. Second, why not make a pop-up club? Clubbing’s one of the most popular things to do today, and how else would you manage to advertise your beer then through going out and having a good time (just like in the Australian raving deer ad)?
That’s the point of beer today, isn’t it?