Raving Deer In New Australian Beer Ad

Here’s Tooheys Extra DryNocturnal Migration” beer ad which combines raving deer and the Prodigy.
Yes, you’ve read it right.

The deer is the brands symbol so they used a bunch of real deer to make a commercial where they all go ‘migrating’ to parties thus advertising humans (and deer, obviously) favorite alcoholic pre-clubbing, clubbing, post-clubbing or just everyday, anytime beverage.
Simply, the deer had a few beers and – they obviously had a good time.

I love this ad; the really well done shooting and editing, Prodigy’s ‘Breathe’ and the ad’s name (Nocturnal Migration) gives a ‘dramatic’ and fun touch to it.
+ I love the thought of what was it like filming the commercial with a bunch of deer running around everywhere.

-Created by ad agency BMF in Sydney, Australia.

  • Jenny

    the idea of the deers is quite creative and surprised but who will drink this beer? can this tvc bring this beer be closer the target consumer? I dun think so.