• http://www.facebook.com/deca.solitera Deca Solitera

    Congrats Predrag! 😉

  • Barbara_Gotslieb

    Pigeon? Equality? Human Rights?
    I hardly see a hand (left or right, humans have 2 different hands, how they could symbolize equality and equal rights I don’t know) with oevrsized thumb, I *clearly* see a cocky decorative kind of pigeons with a big tale.Recognition? Symbol meaning? Human Right hands logo& Visually this *masterpiece means nothing.every time it’s about global problems, you’ll see several dozens of senseless different hands, tons of pigeons (already standing for ‘PEACE’) and myriads of overused senseless ‘uniting symbolical persons’.

    • http://twitter.com/djuricalek Aleksandar Djuric

      Barbara, I think you have to understand that this is an abstract mark. Maybe you are observing it a little bit objectively than it should. My opinion is that work of Predrag Stakic is the best of the top 10 competitors. You’re saying that tons of pigeons are already standing for peace. Well, it’s normal to be like that. Through all historical moments, human kind glorifies pigeon as a symbol of peace, unique rights, freedom and what is most important – better tomorrow. Predrag did a great job by presenting us a new mark that symbolizes a pigeon and at the same time Human Hand, which is a true symbol for human touch. 

      Peace… :)

  • John Dow

    Pretty banal. See and forget.

  • K.S.

    “has won the competition with way more better results than the other nine final competitors”. The logo is not bad but – the voting results were never published. There were many reports in Serbian media about him and he had probably many facebook friends who helped him. The whole challenge was a bit unfair. voing in www is not really a democratic voting, you never know where the votes come from. From the whole world? Surely not.

    • http://www.facebook.com/djuricaleksandar Aleksandar Djuric

      So what are you saying, that most of votes came from Serbian people and Predrag’s friends? I disagree with that kind of statement. In Serbia there 8.5 million people, and just 50% of them have a computer. 50% of those who have computer have the internet connection. So result is that around 2 million Serbian people have both a computer and an internet connection. They all voted for Predrag? :)
      I’m sure that Predrag didn’t go around and ask people to vote for his logo. I’ve voted for his logo and I wasn’t familiar with his work before this competition. Hell, I haven’t even known that behind this logo is a Serbian designer. And we all know that in our industry isn’t about your nationality, it’s about your work. And people have spoken that Predrag’s logo was absolutely great.”Free as a man” logo won the contest because it’s the best logo of the top 10 finalists. Clean, stable and unique.I can’t believe what you’ve said. If you believe in that statement, then I think you believe that every contest is a pure set up. That’s ridiculous. I’m sure that you believe too that Predrag asked or paid Robert De Niro to present his logo. :) Isn’t that funny?Predrag Stakic did a great job with this logo, it’s normal that some people don’t like this logo, but it was democratic voting. Vote for the logo that is the best from your point of view. Congrats to Predrag for a job well-done. 

      • G.M.

        Dear Aleksandar,
        we know by now that about 130.000 people voted in the end …

        • http://twitter.com/djuricalek Aleksandar Djuric

          You’re pointing that those 130.00 people are all Serbian nationality and that they’ve voted in the last minute? :) I’ve to mention one more thing, if you live in Serbia or if you’ve been in it sometimes, maybe you’ll understand why isn’t possible for 130.000 people to vote for one guy only because it’s a Serb. Like I said before, it’s not the question about the nationality, it’s about our work, and Predrag’s work is brilliant.

          • Cat

            @Aleksandar:  It’s a bit late to answer now, but … I really
            think you misunderstand the problem. Nobody said that the logo of Predrag
            Stakic is not brilliant. (It is lovely and professional, I understand that people like it, I also think that is is nice.) That is and that was
            never the point. BUT

            1. The logo
            reminds many people of a PEACE dove which is not the right connotation.

            2. It’s
            difficult to DRAW it although the organizers had always pointed out in the
            challenge that the logo must be easy to draw for everyone in a minute. Please try yourself to draw
            the logo on a larger piece of paper and have a look at what you get!

            3. If you
            had “googled” during the challenge you would have seen that in many countries
            the public feedback on the challenge was minimal. In Serbia, however, there
            were reports about Predrag Stakic’s logo, and he had several
            (Facebook) friends voting for him (which was all not forbidden, of course!).
            You can read about this on the Human Rights Logo website (News) where I found some information.

            It is over
            now and I grant the winning to P.S. but please let us see the facts just as
            they are.

          • http://twitter.com/djuricalek Aleksandar Djuric

            I think that you’re wrong about drawing the logo. It’s very simple. Really very simple. 

            About everything else, that’s your opinion. I mean “he had several(Facebook) friends voting for him” ? I can’t even discus about this statement. :) 

            Peace! 😉

          • Cat

            I’ll tell you
            what I mean (i guess I did not express myself well, sorry): If there is a challenge with 15.000 logos and the organizers ask all participants to vote for their favorites eagerly and friends of your person who did not participate in the challenge/submit a logo themselves give (only) one like to
            you and leave the challenge, I call this a choice which is a bit unobjective. But of course you are lucky to have such friends because other participants may not have them. Well, maybe people think this is OK in our modern Social
            Communities World. Peace, too.

          • Got It

            looks like other contestants don’t have friends lol :)

          • Got It

            yes it’s over, and now we really need to analyse this, be sure to dig out all the tiny facts, look into relationships, friend connections, demographics…. So you’ve actually googled these long before the results Cat? You also had connections among Predrag’s friends, and oh yes, you actually try to draw it on a piece of paper afterwards, to see what you get, and I guess you realized it’s not that simple, and you didn’t really like it.:)

  • Antonio

    I think the winner one deserved to win. I think is the best  by far. This is the only one that don´t seems something like facebook, sport brand, or anything else