The Frisky Midget

‘The Frisky Midget’ wine label is born in the Blackwood Valley – first series of wines product of Killinchy Wines brand. Killinchy Wine brand was established when Andrew and Silke Highet took over family winery.

Frisky Midget

Frisky Midget

Product design reminds us on Communist Russia with illustration of Babushka, where the smallest one is sexy devil in red corset or she is -‘Frisky Midget’.  Maybe it’s irreverent for tradition Russian dolls but it’s funny and cute for everyone else. With her cheeky look she’s celebrating elimination of stereotype, and making jokes in the wine world, but not in a hard way – it just ‘doesn’t take itself too seriously’ like other elegant packaged wines. Besides illustration of sexy Babushka, the very cute one next to her is with a terrified look. The bottle design is simple, classical black bottle with shape of champagne. There are three different wrappers pink, orange and white, all designed by Australian Studio Lost & Found.

Frisky Bottles