• http://twitter.com/TheNutz TheNutz

    Daniel Marina.I like ONNO media LOGO :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/delakroa Nemanja Veselinovic

      Why? 😀

      • http://twitter.com/TheNutz TheNutz

        why not ? 😛

  • http://twitter.com/adelalela75 Adela Krstic

    Adela Krstic
    really like Woolmark logo (Francesco Seraglio, 1964); remember it when I was a child, and later notice its Moebius strip pattern – so simple, yet memorable and recognizable. Built to last, indeed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marko.teodorovic Marko Teodorović

    My favorite logo is Web girls by Andre Sousa because it is simplest but most beautiful! Marko Teodorović

  • http://twitter.com/adishasanic Adis Hasanic

    My favorite is Apple Inc.’s logo. It’s simple and memorable. I could draw it anywhere, anytime in few simple moves and it looks awesome. Just like Nike’s logo :)

  • Tressley Cahill

    My favorite logo would have to be the Sun Microsystems ambigram by Vaughan Pratt. It’s simplicity, effectiveness, and clever approach are just a number of reasons I refer to it for inspiration on a regular basis.

  • http://twitter.com/otvoreni_prozor Milos Milosevic

    It’s hard to pick just one favourite, there are many nice examples of successful logos, but if I have to, I’ll just say it’s Nike’s swoosh logotype, because it is the one of the simplest yet most memorable and recognizable logos ever.
    Milosevic Milos

  • Turgaymutlay

    Nice document, thanks Branding Mag

  • http://www.facebook.com/andjel Nije Andjel Bošković

    Andjel Boskovic, my favourite logo is Apple Inc.

  • http://twitter.com/olivera_miletic Olivera Miletic

    old NBC peacock logo. simple, colorful, memorable and beautiful.

  • http://twitter.com/frieswiththatuk Daniel Blackman

    Has got to be the Shell logo for me. Simple, effctive & timeless http://www.shell.co.uk/

  • Kevin Dikken

    My favorite one is the dutch fire station. Perfect use of curves and whitespace 😀 http://www.brandweer.nl/

  • http://www.theraisak.com/ Theraisa K

    I’ve always rather been impartial to the “coffee CUP” logo by Jan Zabransky. It just gives you the feeling you have when you think of hot steaming coffee. Even though I don’t drink coffee (never have, never will!), I can still associate the look and feel of the logo with the actual product it’s about – Theraisa K. Fleig

  • cuckoocom

    cocacola logo for its consistency

  • Pavle Panic

    NIKE swoosh…..simple, effective, dynamic, easy to convey in black and white.

  • katrinaradic


  • http://twitter.com/lou_is_a_DSIGNR Louisa Horton

    British Railway……..simple and directional use of shapes, absolutely fantastic

  • http://twitter.com/coe182 Coe Man

    Vote: Apple Logo. Less but more !!

  • Jaci Coningham

    I could only think of a logo right now: Perú. It is a recent one but I think it is just perfect: a representation that reminds of the Nazca lines forming the Machu Picchu was a great way to summarize a country with such a rich culture.

  • http://twitter.com/misterxcd Miša Mladenović

    Miša Mladenović, my favourite logo is Starbucks. Elegant logo that reflects the freshness and good taste.Simple effective logo.

  • Goran

    Goran Vuletic.
    One of the best I ever seen.Amazing work.Spartan Golf Club http://www.logofaves.com/2010/01/spartan-golf-club-2/

  • Charly Traarbach

    There are so much amazing logo’s to pick from, it’s just cruel to pick one that deems superior too the rest. But if I have to make a choose, it’s probably a logotype that inspired me a lot the last couple years, Avivo by Dennis Olenik: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Avivo-Corporate-Identity/364321

  • http://twitter.com/PouakTebo Pouak Tébo

    Carrefour -> the french touch’ 😉 I love this logo, have you seen the C inside ?

  • Nathansimpson95

    Woolworths Australia
    It is clean, modern, can be used in a variety of ways and has a great use of gradients. It is also designed by Hans Hulsbosch, one of the biggest and best designers in Australia.